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Dawn Kelly, Visual Communications
HOT! Individual Branding

Sandy Brown Mayoral Campaign

  • Skills: Visual Communications Strategy & Execution, Copywriting

  • Deliverables: Print promotions, social media, advertising

  • Role: Communications Specialist, Collaborative Team



When I sat down to my first meeting with Mayoral Candidate Sandy Brown and he said, “what are your thoughts on entering a car in the Smash Up Derby”, I knew this project was going to be awesome!

The 2018 election was very important for our community as we faced increased taxes, reduced services and an uncertain future.

Our goals were:

  • to communicate “New to Orangeville, Proven elsewhere” ideas
  • engage voters and residents with a bold style that mirrored the candidates personality
  • create a mix of traditional advertising and outreach while exploring new bold ideas

Consistent & Clear Design

Applying a Bold Strategy

Refreshing the Traditional Marketing

Presentation Ready

Bringing it all together with

Sandy Brown's Action Plan

  • Explore New to Orangeville,
    Proven Elsewhere ideas

  • Expand on Cornerstone Messages

  • First person, conversational style writing

  • Clearly written for all levels of interest

  • Answers key voter questions

  • Repurposed for candidate door knocking, hand delivery, social media and website distribution

  • Final campaign piece, distributed before voting day