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Dawn Kelly, Visual Communications
Events & Tourism HOT!

Celebrate Your Awesome

  • Skills: Graphic Design

  • Deliverables: Print promotions, social media templates

  • Role: Collaborative Team Member



celebrate YOUR awesome?

Volunteer, Parent, Coach, Business Owner, Business Leader … it doesn’t matter how you define your awesome, everyone is welcome to this all inclusive, all ages, all free day in Orangeville to celebrate Pride and Diversity in our community!

Get everyone involved with

Social Media Templates

Celebrate Your Awesome has, well awesome volunteers! There is nothing worse than having to tell a volunteer “you can’t do that”, so we don’t.

Created in a drag and drop format that everyone can use everyone can get involved including sponsors and vendors and the look and feel of each post remains on brand.

With so many ambassadors, it was no surprise that the 2018 Inaugural event has 3,000+ people attend.  

June 2018 * 3,000+ Attendees